Wind Maps

The determination of wind loads on buildings has changed little since the inception of the Florida Building Code. However, the 2010 edition of the Florida Building Code introduces significant changes to wind load design, in particular the presentation of the wind speed maps. The key changes will be further discussed and are summarized as follows:

•New strength design-level wind speed maps

•Changes to the Wind-borne Debris Region

•Introduction of Exposure Category D for water
surfaces in Hurricane-Prone Regions

The scoping section (Section 1609.1.1) for the determination of wind loads in Florida Building Code, Building (FBCB) states that wind loads on every building or structure is required to be determined in accordance with Chapters 26 through 30 of ASCE 7. This reference is to the 2010 Edition of ASCE 7 (ASCE 7-10). The changes to the wind loading criteria in the Florida Building Code are due almost exclusively to the changes to the wind provisions in ASCE 7-10.

Category III-IV

Hurricane Wind map

Category II

florida category 2& 3